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" Cyrus", is our  4 1/2 lb. little sweetheart, companion and breeding sire. We were planning to show this little solid guy, but our lifestyle living in the country was to difficult  to keep his coat clean and free from debris.  We didn't like to hold him back from the great out-doors where he loves to be and play. So we made a tough decision and had him clipped. Well he was gorgeous with his long coat but  what a  Beauty in his short coat! We can clearly see his outstanding  conformation Short, compact square body type, always straight - up tail, with the most sweetest Baby Doll face, short little muzzle , small ears and beautiful bold eye. Cyrus has an outstanding  quality and the look at me attitude that has so far, carried into his offspring.  We feel we made the right decision to let him be our dear little boy at home. He will  always be a Champion to us.

Our Dear Little Cyrus
Produced A Champion!
Champion Thundering Hill  My Miley Cyrus

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   We have Canadian Kennel Club Registered  Champion Bred Baby Doll Puppies Available throughout the year! Our Puppies are Micro Chipped, Vet  checked, Vaccinated,
1 Year Health Guarantee, Spay/Neuter Contract and very much Loved!
































  Our little Champion Baby Doll Clinton, has an outstanding Champion pedigree ,also Clinton has sired  many Champions and  Tiny Lovable Pets!
Clinton Has Retired!























 5 years old





Our Dear Tiny 2 1/2 lb Soloman Has a very proud Attitude , He thinks he is all that! Soloman has a short back, short legs  and an Extreme Baby Doll Face. He is just too Cute!
 His Mom is Winnie and his Dad is Billy. Aubrey is his Grandma and Champion Clinton is his
Grandpa. Cyrus is his Great Grandpa and Serene is his Great Grandma. Paris is his full Sister. Soloman is a great little traveler . He loves going camping and he enjoyed his trip to Mexico with us.




Sawyer Is our Adorable
31/2 lb Extreme Baby Doll
Faced  Yorkie Sire. He has a very loving, Happy Nature. Sawyer has a little Compact Body with Short Legs. He Carries himself very proudly with his short little tail straight up. He is so cute!


Our  Tiny Sweet Nike has the most Adorable Baby Doll face with a short nose big dark eyes set far apart and tiny V shape ears. He has a Gorgeous Silk Coat and short legs.  He loves to cuddle and  he  also loves to talk back  with his sweet little voice .

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